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Ruling Turkish Party Re-Elected

The ruling AKP party in Turkey has been re-elected after winning with a clear majority, meaning that it has regained the majority that it lost in June.

The AKP Justice and Development party won with 49.4% of the vote. The pro-Kurdish HDP also gained 10% of the vote, meaning that they gleaned enough votes to gain seats.
The party’s loss in June was the first in its thirteen year reign, and initial polls had suggested that they would gain just 40-43% in line with their performance in June. Attempts to form a coalition after the earlier result fell through, leading to the second vote.
Turkey’s president Erdogan Recep Tayyip will continue his rule, whilst prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu called the result a ‘victory for our people and our culture’.
The re-election was overcast by recent outbreaks of violence between militants and the state, with many suggesting that the AKP was behind this in a campaign to win votes by scaring Turkish residents into submission, which the party strongly denies.
It seems that the threat of Islamic State combined with this violence has led the population to vote for the AKP in the wake of a bombing in the capital Ankara, which rocked trust in the opposition parties.
It was reported that there have been clashes with police in the city of Diyarbakir, whose population is mainly Kurdish. Turkish residents opposing the AKP claim that Erdogan’s methods are increasingly authoritarian.


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