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Rubbish bins trade Wi-Fi for litter

Raj Desai and Pratik Agarwal, co-founders of startup ThinkScream have created a solution to littering problems and bad Wi-fi connectivity at music festivals.

The 26 year old co-founders were attending a NH7 Weekender music festival in 2013, when the pair noticed connection issues when trying to connect to the internet. At the same time they noticed an abundance of rubbish littered across festival grounds.

“Pratik and I got lost and it took us two hours to find each other,” Desai told CNN Money. “It struck us that we needed to come up with a solution for people to stay connected at these events.”

Their solution was a plastic bin that offers 15 minutes of Wi-Fi in exchange for litter. The bin costs about £1000 is equipped with an LED screen. When you throw something in it, the screen flashes a unique code to access 15 minutes of Wi-Fi.

The project was funded by Agarwal and Desai, with support from the Indian operator MTS. The Wi-Fi bin was tested at three festivals held in Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore in 2014.

There are not any smart bins deployed yet, but Desai has been approached by private companies and government agencies to see how the bins can be deployed in large cities like Mumbai.

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