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Rick and Morty review ‘Look Who’s Purging Now’ (2.09)

What I love about this show is the way it presents parodied  concepts (going into a dream within a dream or a planet talent show where the winning planet doesn’t get blown up) but puts a twist on it where the characters (particularly Rick) are blatantly self aware of such concepts.

This weeks episode of Rick and Morty does just, that stealing the concept from a movie I’ve never heard of called the Purge (2013). This idea is that the peaceful local populace are preparing for an annual event known as the “Festival”, where the people are free to commit crimes for one night without consequence as a way to vent their repressed violent tendencies.



Morty even makes a foresightful comment while flying in old Rick’s spaceship above the primitive planet that they should get out of there because the fuel will probably run out and they would be forced into the chaos below.  Ah poor Morty, there would be no plot then would there?

But then it is he who suggests rescuing the girl in trouble. It is as if the shows creators are poking fun at all the hindsight geeks who watch the show.


This episode also has the sub plot of Summer and Jerry and is easily the weak part of the episode. Jerry is bored and needs to find a job while Summer is absorbed in her phone, a teenage stereotype.

When Rick and Morty reach the lighthouse to setup a beacon, they meet a pacifistic native of the planet. Although as it is the purge festival, there is a intensity when he reads Morty a tale. Its pretty funny to see Morty who was moralistic and shocked (unlike Rick) at the violence go crazy after being honest about the inhabitant’s terrible story.


This was not the best episode or the most creative or clever of the series but was still entertaining.



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