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Relationships with Love: Simpler than we think!

“I like being around you,” he says daily. “I love being around you,”she says back.

They spend most of their time just enjoying the peace and quiet of the relationship. The outside world still exists but when they are together nothing can bring them down.

Smiling at each other while laughing at life is a favorite pass time. The electrifying touch of each others hands proves energy between lovers does exist.

They embrace and kiss each other as soon as one walks in the door. Their days are important because they are important. Every thing falls into place when they are near each other. Words spoken are kind and funny. Anger isn’t even allowed in this relationship.

They protect each other through their kindness. They help one another through every good or bad time. They have perfected the word “Relationship.”


I’m sure the Nay Sayers are yet again saying “that’s impossible, people fight, it’s what we do, oh it will get bad eventually, people change, life is hard,” and other extremely unhelpful negative thoughts. This is what we have been trained to believe–all the reasons why negative responses should be accepted.

My response to that is, “Who wants to accept being in a bad relationship and being miserable when you can create an amazing relationship and be happy?”

It’s that simple. The relationship is perfect because you like being around each other. Not just once in a while, but all the time. (If you don’t enjoy each other you may want to consider a change.) Fights are going to happen, however, you can control your style of fighting with your partner.

Here’s how:

-Stay kind even in the thick of a fight. This will maintain love. Respect should prevail at all times, even in the middle of the biggest fight. Thinking, “I love this person and I want to be around them forever,” should stop anything mean from coming out of your mouth.

-From the beginning of your relationship, discuss the solid boundary of being kind no matter what. Disrespect in the relationship isn’t tolerated.  Already in a long term relationship? Boundaries are harder to develop after years of routine have passed. Teaching an old dog a new trick means the old dog needs to be excited to learn. Still, with commitment it can be done.

-Knowing you can only control how you react is important, but you must also keep in mind what you will tolerate from your partner. If they continuously cross that line, it’s time to consider your options!

-Hold onto kindness as your first goal in the relationship. Keep that as the most important factor. If you don’t love someone enough to be kind to them then this isn’t the one for you!

Every day is a brand new day. Wrap your arms around your lover, tell him/her that they are amazing and see how amazing your relationship can be!


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