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Relationships Matter

Men say that women are complicated, and for us, guys don’t know what they want. Over the last few years, break ups and divorces have harshly increased by 15 per cent in London alone. As opposed to the previous generations, it seems that nowadays people are easily bored and do not fight as much as our parents or grandparents to keep the one they love.

So is it okay to be with someone only for the best and quit this person as soon as the worst comes up in the relationship? Here are three tips for those of you who want to fight for your love in order to make it a bed of roses again.

Source: www.lifehack.org

Source: www.lifehack.org

1. Have sex in a different place

Source: woman.hotnews.bg

Source: woman.hotnews.bg

Getting busy often enough to satisfy you both is key. If you’re feeling so, so about your bedroom romps, it might be time for a change. One idea: try having sex in a room or area you’ve never done it before. “New elements of play stimulate the dopamine system,” Saltz says. “When you do something that causes you to release more dopamine, it’s a positive reinforcer.”

Want to suggest a tryst in the kitchen? Don’t worry about making it a drawn-out conversation, she says. It can be as simple as a one-liner that hints at your intention like, “The kids are gone. How about the kitchen table?” As long as your partner is game for the idea too, nothing’s stopping you.

2. Lastminute.com Surprise

Source: favim.com

Source: favim.com

After a horrible and endless day at work, there is nothing better than discovering your partner at your door with a kind-hearted surprise. Whether it is a bunch of flowers or flight tickets to Venice, you can be 100 per cent sure that your beloved would absolutely love it!


3. Literature: a bonus for sure

Credit: Rex Features/Courtesy Everett Collection

Credit: Rex Features/Courtesy Everett Collection

No woman has never appreciated a line or a stanza sensually whispered to her ear by her plus one? In terms of literature, gentlemen, you have a quite a choice from old Victorian to modern poetry, let the poet waken up inside of you and this will without a doubt let your love show!





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