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Red Bull Seeks Rule Change

Red Bull team principle, Christian Horner, has suggested that new rules need to be introduced to Formula 1 in order to maintain fan interest and halt the imperious Mercedes.

The regulations are incredibly stable for next year, so Mercedes will inevitably carry on the dominance…People get turned off with predictability

Horner makes an important point, 2015 was a new low point in viewing quality and there were very few races that were truly exciting. The Williams blasting past the slow starting Mercedes at Silverstone and the unpredictable, incident packed Hungarian grand prix were the only highlights that spring to mind. Pretty awful for a 20 race season.


Of course the hypocrisy of the statements from the Red Bull supremo is alarming. The same team boss did not see the need to revise the rules during the four successive years of Red Bull dominance from 2010-2013 when they secured both drivers and constructors titles. There was no grumbling when in 2013 Sebastian Vettel, then at Red Bull, won the last nine races of the season consecutively, setting a record. That was certainly not fan friendly.

In fairness 2010 and 2012 were great years with the title being decided at the final race of both years. But still the records will state that Red Bull triumphed four years in a row with only true aficionados able to differentiate which were good years and those that were not.

If 2016 is anything like 2015, then motor sport will haemorrhage even more fans and change will be needed. This assertion is correct right now and something drastic does need to happen to save the sport. However this conclusion would carry more weight coming from a different team boss and not one who is jointly responsible for the  dwindling viewing figures.


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