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Real life fairy tale settings

Fairy tales have fascinated children and charmed the hearts of adults for a seemingly infinite measure of time. As well as having thrilling plots, a captivating sense of magic and highly memorable characters they are also visually appealing. The setting is often beautiful and remote from the real world.

Castles, towers, huts, forests and cottages are common features of the visual back drop and they are always ethereal and magnificent. But it might be surprising to discover that there are many places in the world that resemble such scenes!

Windsor Castle:

picture from en.wikipedia.org

Windsor Castle in Berkshire is lived in by the English Royal Family and is the largest occupied castle in the world. It was built by William the Conqueror, who was the first Norman King of England. It definitely looks like a fairy tale castle.


Neuschwanstein Castle:

via pinterest

via pinterest


The Neuschwanstein Castle is a nineteenth century castle in Germany that rises high above and overlooks a magnificent forest. This has to be one of the most beautiful castles in the word that could have been designed straight from a fairy tale.


Hobbit House:



Not quite a fairy tale as such, but this environment friendly home that’s located in Wales and aptly named “hobbit house” was built by Simon Dale and his father in law. The wooden eco-home was constructed in four months and cost just £3,000. With it looking like it came straight out of the J.R.R. Tolken novel, it was no surprise that it was given the nickname.


Bialowieza Forest:



An area of Poland, you can really feel the old and charming atmosphere with the rich green shades. Białowieża Forest is the last natural mixed and deciduous forests of Europe, which is governed by eternal laws of nature. The enchanting forest looks like a perfect setting to a fairy tale.


Charity Cottage:


picture from www.dailymail.co.uk


This dilapidated and crumbling “fairy tale” cottage in Sussex captured the hearts of people seeking to purchase the remote and delicate hideaway for themselves. On the brink of collapse it might have been but the fragility of “Charity Cottage” built in 1590, did not detract from its visual attractiveness or appeal to viewers. The beautiful visual back drop enhances the scene, creating the appropriate atmosphere for a fairy tale and one can also imagine music adding to the mood.

The cottage was also reported to be “structurally sound” which would have been much to the delight of those who sought to purchase this surreal, unusual home.


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