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Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe delivers his speech during celebrations to mark his 90th, Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014.Image courtesy of

President Mugabe reads wrong speech

Robert Mugabe has been urged by opposition to step down after reading a month-old speech.

On Tuesday, during the opening of Zimbabwe’s parliament, Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe delivered a speech, seemingly unaware of the fact that it was a month old.

The 91-year-old president first delivered the speech a month ago, when he did his first state of the nation address in eight years. The first time around he was booed when reading his speech, but this time he was greeted with bewildered silence from his audience.


He read the exact same speech in its entirety, clearly unaware of his of his mistake.

This error has given Mugabe’s opposition further ammunition as they argue that he is “too old “ to be responsible for the ruling of the country and that he should “do the honourable thing and step down.”

Obert Gutu, a spokesman for the Movement for Democratic Change, has explained that the blunder proves Mugabe is too old “We have a 91-year-old president who has a fading memory, who, if he had sharpened up his memory would have immediately picked it up that this speech was actually a stale speech”

“But the mere fact that he went on and on and on up until the very end, reading an old speech, shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Robert Mugabe is too old.

“The rigours of his presidential office are too much for him, and … at the advanced age of 91 (he) should do the honourable thing and step down from office.”

Amid all of this criticism a spokesman for Mr Mugabe has said that the gaffe was courtesy of a mix up at the presidents office, and that the president was not at fault.

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