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Prayers from Tabernacle NJ: ATV Crash leaves a town devastated.

“Mom something is wrong with my friend” is all I heard from my daughter twenty four hours ago. “What do you mean something is wrong with her?” My daughter explained to me that her best friend, the neighbor, a child of a family I have loved for over fifteen years was in a coma.

My initial reaction was that “this information is completely wrong.” After all, she learned it on Instagram from friends.

I began to feel sick inside immediately and called both parents. My message for both was “Hey Guys. It’s Me. I was just told there was some kind of trouble, you know how rumors start so I am checking in. Love you all.”

My heart began to break for my daughter who just spent two nights before dancing with this little girl. She couldn’t come home yet because “they were having too much fun dancing.” They started off their day jogging together to train for track, put on acrylic nails (despite my constant NO) and playing the big sister – little sister role so well.

This little girl  would stand up for anyone that she felt was being bullied.  She would come right out and tell anyone when they were wrong. She would even do so if it meant someone being upset with her.  This same little girl was in the hospital.  Nothing was making sense.

15 minutes later I got the text that brought me to my knees. It was a snapshot of the victim’s sister’s Instagram page.

Heaven doesn’t have a room ready for you yet, it isn’t your time, please keep pushing through, you are the most important person to me, I love you so much. My SISTER and her friend got into a horrible quad accident today at 11:55pm, Her friend has a fractured wrist, pelvis, arm and concussion. My sister has internal bleeding and punctured organs, a collapsed lung, and broken leg and jaw. No one died. So I’m clarifying the rumors. They hit a tree at very high speed. My sister is still in a coma.

As I sat and reminisced about the conversation we had 2 days prior, I searched the news.

The early ABC news at the time offered little relief:


Two 14-year-old girls were critically injured when they crashed their ATV in the town of Tabernacle, New Jersey.
The crash happened around noon Saturday on Lakeview Drive.
Authorities say the the driver of the ATV lost control on a curve, crossed over the highway and hit a tree.
Both girls were ejected from the vehicle.
The victims were airlifted to Cooper University Hospital where they remain in critical condition.
New Jersey State Police say both girls were wearing helmets at the time of the crash.
The incident remains under investigation.

I read this news article frantically and felt as if a truck had just run me over. My heart stopped as I began to panic for my two amazing friends and their children. I knew at this moment that this family has changed forever.

Now we wait. We wait for an answer, wait for the coma to end, wait for her to talk again, wait for the message from the doctors that she is going to be ok.

This child who sits in a coma has a heart of gold and every time we talked I would laugh and tell her,


“You’re going places kid, I have no idea where, but you’ll be famous someday!”


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