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Prague – Europe’s best kept secret

Quite easily one of the most underrated of all cities, the city of Prague is also Europe’s best kept secret and a sight to behold. The city’s seamless yet stunning transformation from medieval old town to modern hip architecture makes it a deserving UNESCO World Heritage site.

Nicknamed ‘ the City of a Hundred Spires’ , read on to find out what makes Prague a worthy travel destination in Europe.

Charles Bridge

This glorious 14th century structure, with its cobblestoned path and its 30 odd towering statues is one of the top attractions in Prague. Built across the city’s Vltava river and connecting the Old town to Prague castle, tourists who take a stroll along this bridge during the afternoons are welcomed with street artists and musicians flaunting their skills. For anyone looking for a picture perfect capture, the best time to visit this bridge early morning or late evenings even, when the crowds are a little thin!

Dancing house

Perfectly positioned in the city centre surrounded by traditional buildings, it is hard to miss this quirky structure. Nicknamed Fred and Ginger building, the top floor of this construction hosts a namesake restaurant providing splendid views of Charles Bridge and the Prague castle.

Prague castle

Stretching over 18 acres, Prague castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. One fleeting look at the castle is enough to make you wonder if it were picked right out of a fairytale! Mesmerising tourists all over the world, this castle has 3 massive courtyards and hosts many a historic buildings, towers and museums . The castle is also the official residence of the President of Czech Republic.

Old town square

In ancient times, the town square was an open place mainly for community gatherings. From markets to political rallies, a town square made for a perfect location for large groups of people to assemble. Stepping into Prague’s Old Town square is like stepping back in time. With its cobbled streets and swerving paths, this town square both enchanting and energetic buzzing with people having a good time. Surrounding the town square are some of Prague’s historic buildings – the old town hall tower & astronomical clock, St. Nicholas church and Tyn church.

Astronomical clock

This working mechanical clock, a wonder in its time is over 6 centuries old. Every hour of the day, tourists gather around to watch the procession of the 12 Apostles to truly admire this clock’s intricate construction. Look out for the 12 zodiac signs carved just below the clock!

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