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Power Up- London’s new gaming exhibition

Throughout the years, gaming has been a big part of our culture, whether you be thirteen or thirty, video games have engrossed us into an artificial world giving us the opportunity to escape the nightmares of the reality. Gaming and consoles have developed significantly as the year have gone by, to the point now, where we’re gearing up for VR gaming (Virtue Reality). However, with all the excitement surrounding the new gen of gaming, let’s not forget where it all started.

This week, at London’s Science museum, there is a convention called Power Up which runs from Friday 22nd of July to Sunday 7th of August. This convention provides a hands-on and fully interactive two-week gaming event where you can play game such as Pong, Halo, Mario Bros, Pac Man and many more. Power Up is the perfect family summer holiday solution giving kids the opportunity to involve themselves in the games we played when we were they’re age, and even if you don’t have any kids, its good way to rewind those years once more, get that controller pad in your hand and try your best to recuse Princess Peach from the hands of the evil Bowser. With this being said, the event is a fun way of introducing sullen teen to the joys of retro gaming with the exhibition featuring 160 playable consoles spanning a 40 years of gaming history!  



For the certain individuals who were born in the eighties and nineties fondly recall playing the ‘original’ co-op games with their siblings on a two button controller, will feel like they are in back in their youths as they land a nostalgic hadouken in Street Fighter II, while the younger generation can explore the outreaches of space in Halo.

XBOX 360

XBOX 360

What’s so fascinating about this event is that, it strikes a nice balance between parents’ desire to get their offspring out and about in the outside world yet, still filing their needs to gawp a square screen. Gaming has become very extraordinary in our present time, and for me, a person who grow up as a gamer, who now has an Xbox One, this event was really fulfilling as it wasn’t just about playing the old classic that I used to love, it also reminded me of the good times I had with my friends, sister and father sitting in a living room being fascinated by these 2-D figures coming alive before my eyes. Tickets are good for unlimited play on all consoles for 90 minutes, which gives enough times for everyone to get a chance to play on their favourites, there is even Adult-only sessions, with gorier and more risqué titles that will be on in the evenings.


Overall with tickets being £8 for adults and £4 for children makes a nice outing to attend, it’s also a good way to keep an abreast of the computing-gaming development throughout the years, and see how technology has evolved in humanity, not only that but you can whoop the younger generation as Ken from Street Fighter or show how it’s done in Sonic the Hedgehog. Here’s a look at the type of consoles you could be playing with if you were to attend this exhibition:IMG_5519IMG_5518IMG_5521IMG_5533IMG_5524IMG_5520IMG_5516IMG_5517


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