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Positive Thinking

Positive thinking has become very successful over the last few years.

People tend to believe in the theory that if you think and feel positive on a daily basis, your life will get better and miracles may happen.

What about you? Do you believe in the law of attraction or do you think it’s absolute nonsense?


‘Imagine you have a magic wand that could change only one aspect in your life among your relationship, work or health, which field would you put on top and why?’

Here are people’s top three magical changes that they wish would happen:


1)Winning the lottery


This is clearly not a big surprise to see this one on top of the list as for most of people money rhymes with liberty. Indeed, most of them would love to live their life without having to wake up in the morning to go to work on a daily basis. Well, think about the law of attraction and who knows, you may probably be the next Euromillions lucky winner!


2) Making the world a better place to live


This may sound as a lyric from one of Michael Jackson’s songs but in reality this is what most people would wish for in their life. The different attacks which took place in Paris and Brussels made people think that the current society is somehow worrying both for us and the next generations. In a way, being happy means simply living in peace.

3) Finding Mr or Mrs Right


What is life without love? For most of us, living by the side of the right person is a true and complete fulfillment. There is no need of money or other superficialities to be over the moon on a daily basis as soon as you managed to find your big love.


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