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Police Captain Clay Higgins, goes viral with video directly threatening street gang

Louisiana’s Captain Clay Higgins appeared on TV calling out the Gremlins street gang, and the video has gone viral.

The video was originally aired on a  local news station KATC-TV 3 in Acadiana, Louisiana, and later posted on Facebook.

The segment featured Higgins addressing the public and the street gang in a direct manner.

“The Gremlins street gang is responsible for hundreds of violent crimes: murders, armed robberies, witness intimidation, burglaries, drug trafficking, extortion and brutal beatings,” said Higgins, who works for St. Landry Crime Stoppers.

Dressed in a sheriff’s uniform, he then calls the gang members “thugs” and says “Every one of these animals is most definitely armed and dangerous.”

Armed with a rifle Higgins warns, “You will be hunted, you will be tracked, and if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire.

Darren Carter, you think men like these are afraid of an uneducated, 125 pound punk like you that’s never won a fair fight in your life and holds your gun sideways? Young man, I’ll meet you on solid ground, anytime, anywhere, light or heavy, makes no difference to me — you won’t walk away.

Men like us, son, we do dumbbell presses with weights bigger than you,”

Carter, 18, the youngest of the members was booked in March 2015 for six counts of attempted 1st degree murder and one count of aggravated criminal damage to property.

Higgins then leaves one last thing: “You don’t like the things I’ve told you tonight, I’ve got one last thing to say … I’m easy to find.”

The video has now been viewed over 13 million times on Facebook. Police hope that the footage will encourage the public to come forward with information on the gang members whereabouts.


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