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Philae comet lander ‘wakes up’

The European Space Agency has said that its Philae comet lander has woken up from its hibernation to contact Earth.

There were fears that the probe had ran out of power several months ago and that it had been lost.

The European Space Agency said Philae had contacted Earth for 85 seconds via Rosetta, on Saturday. This was the first time since November last year.

Rosetta project scientist Dr Matt Taylor said: “It’s good to hear from the lander. That’s somewhat of an understatement,”

“I always knew it would come back. It’s like a soap opera. We had our cliff hanger, and now it’s got going again. I am very happy.

“It’s all to play for now. We have to try and ascertain its condition in the short term. We have got some good inferences of its health .It’s just woken up so it is not doing any science yet. But if everything goes according to plan we will start looking at doing the operations we were trying to do in November.”

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