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Massimilano Natalucci, who was inside Bataclan during Paris attacks led by islamist terrorist, Friday 13 November.

Paris attacks: Mans survival of Bataclan not his first brush with death

Massimilano Natalucci definitely can rely on his lucky star. This Italian fellow had survived Heysel’s drama scene in 1985 during Europe’s Cup of Champions clubs final and was inside Bataclan concert hall on Friday night.

He got out unscathed. An incredible destiny for this young tourist who survived two huge dramatic events.

Taking part of rock group Eagles of Death Metal’s concert at Bataclan in Paris on Friday, M. Natalucci managed to escape from terrorists and got out of the hall unharmed.


According to the Courier Adriatico, the Italian tourist stood very close to the strikers before absconding with his friend Laura, who got injured on the shoulder.

She was operated yesterday in the morning. A gigantic trauma that will leave stripes in Massimilano’s memory, as this is not the first time that he survives such a tragedy.

In fact, Paris attacks’ survivor was amongst the Juventus fans in 1985 at Heysel Stadium drama in Brussels during Europe’s cup final between Juventus Turin and Liverpool FC.

Massimiliano was 15 at the time and achieved to go out of the mass stampede that caused the life of 39 persons. According to his sister’s testimonial, he also survived two car accidents.

An incredible story and a happy ending for the « lucky » one, as a total of 129 persons were killed in Paris attacks on Friday, making about 352 wounded out of which a third in a critical state.

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