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Paris attacks: France holds service two weeks after massacre

Two weeks after the Paris attacks, Francois Hollande has lead a service in memory of the victims.

Speaking from the Hôtel des Invalides, Hollande spoke for 16 minutes, addressing France’s resilience in response to the attacks. The Telegraph reported that Hollande stated: Paris is a “city that is vibrant during the day and bright at night”, which he said has not changed. He ended his speech with the phrase ‘Vive la France’. Hollande’s speech was followed by music from the Republican Guard; the sounds of the Marseillaise echoing through the square. During his speech, Hollande called upon the French people to fly the French flag in support of the country and in remembrance of those who were killed.

Families of the victims attended the event, accompanied by other top french officials and public figures such as Nicholas Sarkozy, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo and Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. Members of the emergency services were also amongst the guests. The names and ages of the victims were read out, followed by a minute of silence in remembrance.

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