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Panama Papers Palaver!

It’s a bit of a red-faced week for many of the elite, as details of surreptitious affairs regarding their money have been unearthed. The Panama Papers business has dug up some very heavy tax dodging scandals that includes 143 politicians, including 12 national leaders (among them the President of Ukraine and Prime Ministers of Pakistan and Iceland – whose indiscretion earned him the elbow yesterday). The law firm, Mossack Fonseca – the world’s fourth largest offshore firm – also is linked to Blairmore, an investment fund ran by UK Prime Minister, David Cameron’s late father Ian. Over the course of 30 years, Blairmore failed to pay a single penny of tax in Britain.

Whilst tax avoidance isn’t illegal (as opposed to tax evasion), it does place David Cameron in a rather hairy situation that he would rather avoid. Especially since he has previously gone on record to condemn tax avoidance “morally wrong.” We now find that his father was at the hub of ducking tax. There is nothing to suggest wrongdoing on the Cameron family’s part, yet it is a tad of an embarrassment for a Prime Minister that vowed to clamp down on this very practice.

Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, has already demanded that an independent enquiry be launched into the Prime Minister’s affairs involvement, despite Cameron keeping mum over his dad’s business, declaring it a “private matter.” Meanwhile, Chancellor George Osborne dodged his involvement in tax dodging in a TV interview which he then proceeded to terminate.

Whether this huge data leak turns into a flood of scandal remains to be seen. Yet 11.5 million document’s worth of information can yield more nuggets of shockers and lead to major political players’ egg on faces. Such is the omellette one makes playing dirty, eh Dave? Many of your public could do with that siphoned money.

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