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Israeli soldiers aim their rifles Hadeel al-Hashlamun. Images courtesy of themalaysianinsider.com

Palestinian woman shot dead by Israeli soldiers.

The woman’s family have argued that she was killed illegally after Israeli military alleged she had attempted to stab a soldier.

Images have materialised of the moment an Israeli soldier aimed his rifle at a woman who who subsequently killed by troops in the West Bank.

The Israel Defense forces explained that they were forced to shoot the Palestinian after she’d attempted to attack a soldier with a knife. Her relatives insist that this is not the case, denying claims that the 19-year-old student, Hadeel al-Hashlamun, had attacked a soldier, and instead arguing that she had been killed illegally.

Palestinian activist group Youth Against Settlements posted the pictures on their facebook page. The images show Ms Hashluman – wearing a black robe – stood a short distance away from a soldier who has his rifle aimed on her. More graphic images show her lying on the ground shortly after being shot.

A family member revealed that Ms Hashlamun was pronounced dead at an Israeli hospital after being rushed there following the shooting.

The death comes after a rise in confrontations that followed the break down of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in April 2014.

The violence has seen rocks being thrown and petrol bombs being launched, but has not yet reached the levels of previous Palestinians uprisings.

In the last few days Israeli forces have been on high alert in both Jerusalem and the West Bank.


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