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Osama Bin Laden’s family killed in England plane crash

Relatives of Osama Bin Laden were passengers of a plane which crashed in Hampshire, southern England, on Friday, killing all three passengers and the pilot.

The private jet which was travelling from Milan, Italy, crashed near Blackbushe Airport and exploded. Nobody on the ground was injured.

A statement released by the Saudi Arabian embassy in the UK identified the passengers as belonging to the Bin Laden family, but did not name the individuals. The ambassador has offered his condolences to the family.


Saudi media have claimed that Osama Bin Laden’s half-sister and stepmother are among the dead.

The family of the deceased Al-Qaeda leader are a prominent business family in Saudi Arabia. Osama was the 17th of Mohammed Bin Laden’s 53 children.

In the late 1990s the Bin Ladens disowned Osama due to his fanatic beliefs and announced publicly that the family had cut ties with him. A further statement renouncing Osama was issued by his uncle following the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

The bodies will be returned to Saudi Arabia once the UK’s Air Accidents Investigations Branch (AAIB) has finished its investigation.


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