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North Korea turns back the clock

North Korea is to establish its own time zone by turning clocks back 30 minutes, creating ‘Pyongyang time.’

In a bid to celebrate 70 years of liberation from Japan, North Korea is to reset the clocks back to pre-Japanese rule local time. Tokyo time was established during the annexation of North Korea in 1910, but occupation ceased in 1945 with first leader Kim II Sung at the helm.

Reports suggest the anti-Japanese move serves a second purpose: to indoctrinate North Korea’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, in international and domestic relations. In a characteristically slanted announcement, a decree from the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly stated, “The wicked Japanese imperialists committed such unpardonable crimes as depriving Korea of even its standard time while mercilessly tramping down its land with 5,000-year-long history and culture and pursuing the unheard-of policy of obliterating the Korean nation.”

The snug could be used as a propaganda tool to generate nationalism from the North Korean people, and instill feelings of liberation. South Korea expressed the desire to remain in Japan’s time zone for practical reasons.

Pyongyang time will come into effect on 15th August.


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