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The nuclear facility Yongbyon, as seen from above

North Korea “ready to use weapons at any time”

Kim Jong Un has threatened the use of Nuclear Weapons against the U.S.A. and other enemies if they continue to enforce a “reckless hostile policy” against North Korea.

Their main site for the weapons are at the nuclear facility of Yongbyon. There, there is an enrichment plan for uranium as well as the 5 MW graphite-moderated reactor, which have been rearranged and readjusted to commence normal operations of production.
Although the nuclear program of North Korea, known officially as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is isolated, there are hopes within the country that the use of nuclear weapons as a leverage against enemies America and South Korea. The DPRK believe that this leverage will protect the third generation of the Kim family as dictators.

North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un (photo courtesy of AP)

North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un (photo courtesy of AP)

Japan has since urged North Korea to cease all activities that could lead to potential nuclear war. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga believes that North Korea should instead adhere to sanctions that have been imposed upon North Korea by the UN.

Despite the threats, however, there are still doubts on whether or not North Korea has the technological capacity in the missiles to hit the mainland of America. It is being speculated that North Korea is expected to launch a long range rocket carrying a satellite in October, a mark of the 70th anniversary of the Kim rule.

Such launches are prohibited by the UN, as it is believed that they can be used to test the long range capabilities of missiles.

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