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No More Unhealthy Requests – Rosie Nelson’s Petition Finally Arrives To Downing Street

She’s young but not afraid at all to say: “No”. Australian model Rosie Nelson has been proving it since London’s Fashion Week last September, when she began to collect signatures for her petition to ensure young models’ health and therefore, preventing young models to be influenced to become extremely skinny. An idea that has ended up being presented in front of the political authorities with the first 100,000 signatures in Downing Street 10.

Although the project began at the end of September, Nelson has already been asking for changes in the fashion industry since the last year. Not only she’s been asking to improve models’ health but she has also become an inspirational role model by encouraging young beginners in the industry to say “No” as she did once.

Nelson always remembers what she was told just after entering into one of the most famous model agencies in the UK: “We think you have great potential, we just need you to lose weight”. She actually tried to do so, but after losing 2 inches off her hips, she refused to keep on losing weight: “That’s because I had the guts to carve out my own path and refuse to let people pressure me into losing more and more weight”.


Now, this 23-year-old model is ready to go on with her own projects. Although her petition has resulted an incredible success, there are still 35,000 to go to reach to complete the process and bring it to the Government. If this resulted successful, the UK could join the list of countries that have already taken mesures to prevent this kind of influence among young models such as France or Italy.

So modeling is not about beauty but health for Rosie Nelson, who now defines herself as “…someone that is healthy and comfortable in their skin”. An inspirational message that has already arrived to many young girls and may end up becoming one of the greatest positive changes in the entire fashion industry. Somehow, this could be a great way to fight nutricional bad habits among young models and stop encouraging women to become like Nelson herself was once asked: “down to the bone”.



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