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Nia Vardalos- Actress, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, MOM!

Nia Vardalos is instantly recognisable as the actress who starred in the films that she wrote so fantastically, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. To see Nia is to see Toula, but this wonder-woman has so many more strings to her proverbial bow.

I, among many others I’m sure, am already awe-struck at the determined way she refused to take no for an answer, when Vardalos wasn’t falling into cast-able age brackets and wrote her own script. Despite the fact that it was returned with rejected stamped upon it, she persevered and took her incarnation of ‘Greek Wedding’ on tour as a one-woman show, instead. Attracting Tom Hanks’ wife, Rita Wilson to the audience and, afterwards, Mr Hanks himself watched the show. Vardalos found the perfect collaborators in the pair and My Big Fat Greek Wedding was on its way.


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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 finally landed this year, to as much critical acclaim as the first one, and I can’t be alone in wishing for a third – a trilogy of films would finish the story off, superbly. However, while the successful actress and screenwriter has also turned her hand to producer and director, she became in ‘instant mom’ when the fates finally smiled on Vardalos and her husband. Having undergone horrors of hell with fertility treatments galore, adoption became their sole option and a three year old was part of their lives before they knew what had hit them.

What’s more, this honest and exceptionally talented writer has penned ‘Instant Mom’ – released in 2013, it is a reflective roller-coaster of a book. There’s almost nothing that the wannabe mom doesn’t tell her readers and as an adoptee, myself with some idea of what my own adoptive parents went through, it’s a fascinating read. There are so few babies available for adoption, but many older children in want of a home, read this book if you’re considering adoption of a toddler or older child. Read this book if you hadn’t considered adopting a child who is older than an infant, it might alter any preconceived ideas.

Although this bible to all prospective adoptive parents has been published for a few years, it was reintroduced during Vardalos’ guest appearance on Channel Four’s Sunday Brunch. An actress of remarkable capability she may be, what stands out for me is the sheer determination of a down to earth woman. Bravo!


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