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DUNKIRK – how the beach has changed since 1945

The French beach ‘Dunkirk’ is right next to Calais. In 1945 It was a target the Germans used to take over England during WW2 and to get to England the Germans had to push their way through Paris. One the Germans reached the beach it was bombed for months as wel as German soldiers attaching the British, American and Canadian ...

Gluten diet for weight loss: yay or nay to the grain

There are so many diets out there that it can get really tough for us humans pursing a simple wish of weight loss: “Just tell me how!!! I’ll do it all!” This is where self-assigned-dietitians and creators of loads of unhealthy and absolutely unrealistic diets come in – proposing us ‘a quick fix’ to our problems. But that quick fix ...

What’s the best workout for weight loss: Running vs Yoga vs Weight Training

As soon as we reach bikini season, Google search tends to see more of these two words: “weight loss”. So what’s the best way to achieve it? I’ve looked at the three most popular nowadays contestants: yoga, running and weight training. Let’s figure out who deserves the winning prize in helping us achieve our dream bodies.   Dr. Lewis Maharam, ...

French Designer Sonya Rykiel Dies Aged 86

French Fashion Designer Sonia Rykiel Dies from Parkinson's Disease Aged 86

Famed French designer Sonya Rykiel has died at the age of 86, her daughter confirmed today, 25th of August. Sonia had been suffering with Parkinson's disease for over 19 years to date.

In 2012 after some speculation, Sonia Rykiel revealed in her last book 'N’Oubliez Pas Que Je Joue' the ambiguous French fashion designer had been living with Parkinson's disease for 15 years and she could no longer hide the disease's symptoms from her family and friends. On Thursday, she died at her home peacefully alongside her family in Paris. Sonia's death was also declared by the Élysée Palace, the office of the French president.

Famous for many things, Sonia Rykiel challenged the thresholds in fashion. The brand was and is still known for its stunning knitwear, its fun use of colour and at the same time, its lack of. “My colour is black. And black, if it’s worn right, is a scandal.” A woman of our own hearts. Rykiel's projected woman was a working mother with practical day to day issues but again, she wanted to aim the br


What’s The Deal With Black Women and Natural Hair?

Your Black friend announces with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, ‘guys, I’ve finally decided… to go natural.’ You are happy for her as this seems like good news, but all the while you are thinking, ‘um, I thought everyone’s hair was natural?’ The phrase, ‘I’m going natural’ probably sends some people into the land of what-the-heck-are-people-talking-about? Well do not ...

24 Hours In Cardiff

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, is a relatively small city by UK standards. Despite it’s size, however, it is Wales’ cultural and political centre, with plenty of things for tourists to see and do. It is easily accessible with it’s own airport and rail links all across the country, so it’s a great place to visit for a short ...

5 Reasons Why You Should Read Chick-Lit Novels

I know what you are thinking: ‘Chick-Lit, why would I read that rubbish?’ Well, you are missing out on some darn good books. I think the Chick-Lit genre is so fun to read! So, stop what you are doing, get rid of that ‘you’re boring me to death book’ and let your reading be transformed.   Down To Earth and ...

Katy Perry Creates Footwear Line

Is there anything Katy Perry can’t accomplish? The lady has recently hit 90 million followers on Twitter, set sail with Orlando Bloom, been named the richest female artist and performed at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Arguably, the release of her eponymous footwear collection will be one of the Rise singer’s highlights.

5 superfoods: should we rave or should we chase?

Superfoods or ‘functional foods’, as they’re frequently called in scientific literature, are supposedly super-concentrated and nutrient-rich foods on the planet. Here is a list of 5 raved superfoods, but are they actually good for you or is this a way in which health companies rip you off? Camu Berry Camu berry is the highest source of vitamin C on the ...

The impact of music on health is greater than we realise

Music has always been used generically for healing, but according to researchers it may be an ingredient for prolonged happiness and cognitive ability; even for stroke patients and individuals with dementia. The benefits of listening to music are wide ranging and offer improvements in well being, a decrease in pain and invigoration of memory and concentration to name a few. Neuroscientists ...

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