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V&A Museum Announces Pink Floyd Exhibition

Starting in May of 2017, ‘The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains’ will run at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London until the following October.

New Drama To Explore Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow’s Relationship

Entitled ‘The Ripper,’ a new film will be made exploring Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen’s tainted relationship. Separately, a biopic announced last January on Alexander McQueen’s life is in the works which may also shed light on the duo.

In Memoriam: Gene Wilder

Yesterday morning, August 29th 2016, a simple Google search for ‘Gene Wilder’ would have procured countless links to the life and works of one of Hollywood’s truly iconic faces. This morning, that same search is instead frontloaded with news of his passing. Born Jerome Silberman, 11th June 1933, his choice of professional stage name at the age of 26 can ...

MTV Video Music Awards 2016

MTV, VMAs, Beyonce, Lemonade, Awards, NYC, Music, Fashion, Blue Ivy, Rihanna, Kimye

Much anticipation surrounded the VMAs in the last few weeks; it was Britney's big comeback, Rihanna's Video Vanguard award night and the news Taylor Swift wouldn't be attending. The event held at Madison Square Garden brought all that and more.

Check below for the full list of winners and the red carpet fashion.

Vanessa Friedman of the New York Times said the MTV VMAs night was dubbed 'a declaration of freedom from the fashion police.' It really did seem that way. Kimye wore what some called a barely showered look, Laura Perlongo (Nev Schulman's wife) displayed her baby bump with just an open jacket, Beyoncé appeared on the carpet like an angel, her daughter, Blue Ivy, like a princess in a $11000 dress with Lorraine Schwartz jewels and Nicki Minaj donned a very classy cutout gown. Equally as stunning, the men of the VMAs wore THE outfits of all outfits with Jaden Smith leading the way. Star of The Formation World Tour, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, made a political statement bringing along the mothers of four black men who


Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka Star, Dies At 83

Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka, WIlly Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, Mel Stuart, Letter

Sure to be hailed as a film and comedic icon, the star of Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, Gene Wilder, died yesterday, aged 83. ”Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.”

DUNKIRK – how the beach has changed since 1945

The French beach ‘Dunkirk’ is right next to Calais. In 1945 It was a target the Germans used to take over England during WW2 and to get to England the Germans had to push their way through Paris. One the Germans reached the beach it was bombed for months as wel as German soldiers attaching the British, American and Canadian ...

Gluten diet for weight loss: yay or nay to the grain

There are so many diets out there that it can get really tough for us humans pursing a simple wish of weight loss: “Just tell me how!!! I’ll do it all!” This is where self-assigned-dietitians and creators of loads of unhealthy and absolutely unrealistic diets come in – proposing us ‘a quick fix’ to our problems. But that quick fix ...

What’s the best workout for weight loss: Running vs Yoga vs Weight Training

As soon as we reach bikini season, Google search tends to see more of these two words: “weight loss”. So what’s the best way to achieve it? I’ve looked at the three most popular nowadays contestants: yoga, running and weight training. Let’s figure out who deserves the winning prize in helping us achieve our dream bodies.   Dr. Lewis Maharam, ...

French Designer Sonya Rykiel Dies Aged 86

French Fashion Designer Sonia Rykiel Dies from Parkinson's Disease Aged 86

Famed French designer Sonya Rykiel has died at the age of 86, her daughter confirmed today, 25th of August. Sonia had been suffering with Parkinson’s disease for over 19 years to date.

What’s The Deal With Black Women and Natural Hair?

Your Black friend announces with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, ‘guys, I’ve finally decided… to go natural.’ You are happy for her as this seems like good news, but all the while you are thinking, ‘um, I thought everyone’s hair was natural?’ The phrase, ‘I’m going natural’ probably sends some people into the land of what-the-heck-are-people-talking-about? Well do not ...

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