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Dyson creates new Supersonic hairdryer.

Dyson makes a move into the beauty industry with a five year project and £50 million worth of investment.   Technology is constantly making strides in the world, Dyson are following suit. In a move which is extraordinarily different to Dysons regular product, the new Dyson Supersonic does make perfect sense. The company have pumped £50 million into a health and beauty lab at ...

‘Lemonade’ – the low-down on Beyoncés new album.

Queen B is BACK! That’s Beyoncé, the artist, to the unenlightened public. Beyoncé’s fan club aka her Beyhive, were out in force as the star released her latest album with 12 spectacular tracks.

Understanding Anxiety, an anonymous interview.

So this week, I interviewed a friend who suffers from anxiety, in the hope that I could understand the condition more and this article would hopefully help people who suffer from anxiety or think they might.   Q. What is anxiety? Well, there are loads of types but I seem to suffer from generalized anxiety and social anxiety. So basically ...

The Jungle Books new live action remake is a modern day masterpiece

This live action adaptation of the famous Rudyard Kipling novel remains faithful to the novel and the animated Disney classic. Although it does lose some of the songs, it more than makes up for it with beautiful cinematography and great performances from the cast. The masterpiece was directed by the multi-talented Jon Favreau, who has directed films such as Iron Man and Elf. Some of you may also remember him for playing Monica Geller’s wealthy boyfriend Pete Becker in Friends. Favreau takes into account that although the film would undoubtedly be popular with the younger audience it shouldn’t just cater to a specific age group and in that he succeeds masterfully, with the audiences indulging in heart pounding action sequences that are appreciated by both adults and children alike.

The film however may not have been as memorable if it wasn’t for its star-studded cast, which included Bill Murray as Baloo who did not disappoint and played the part of the lovable bear with more than just the bare necessities. Ben Kinglsey was another veteran actor who played his part


Getaways that give back

Holidays don’t have to be all about you. These days it’s easier than you think to combine an unforgettable experience with the gift of giving. Regardless of your age, creed or budget, there’s a charitable getaway out there that’s sure to provide the perfect mix of feel-good work and play, both at home and away. Conserve our country’s history and ...

20 heavenly hideaways you’ve probably never heard of – Part 1

Are you always on the lookout for the next up-and-coming city escape? Do you live to tramp unfettered landscapes before the crowd descends? Over the next month we’ll bring you awe-inducing and unique locations to add to that ever-growing bucket list. Here’s five to start you off…

Prince, an icon who will truly be missed

Legendary musician, Prince passed away yesterday on April 21st, aged 57, at his Paisley Park recording studio. The singer best known for songs such as “Kiss”, “Little Red Corvette” and “Purple Rain”, famous for his eccentric dress sense as well as his endearing use of rock, funk and psychedelia, sold over 100 million records as a musician. It was supposed ...

Bombs, Pubs and Beatings; Your Ever Loving Review

A tale of bomb plots, racial profiling and miscarriages of justice, Your Ever Loving may have the makings of an episode of Homeland, however it has the added bonus of being true. The play follows the story of Paul Hill, a member the Guildford Four, a group of young Irish people who were falsely imprisoned following the 1974 Guildford pub ...

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