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The Race For Gold: Martin Scorsese enters the 2017 Oscars with ‘Silence’

It will be a decade come 2017 since Martin Scorsese last won his first and only Oscar with the motion picture The Departed. And despite the lack of trailer or even poster, the American director’s newest feature Silence has officially been set for a 2016 release and already is in the Oscars’ race for best film. Adapted from the 1966 novel of the same name written by Shusako Endo, ...

Fall in love with Amylee’s flowers and colours

Native from the French Southern city of Nimes, the artist Amylee fell in love with painting early on but only decided to make it her full time passion aged 30. Her art is best represented  by bright, strong and radiant colours just like the women and the flowers depicted in her paintings. The artist’s vision of art is portrayed by picturesque scenes vibrating ...

10 Places in America to Visit this Autumn

The USA is world-renowned for its colourful autumnal foliage. All across the United States, from the iconic New England coast to the Pacific Northwest, dazzling golds, reds and yellows have delighted visitors for centuries.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

“They fought like seven hundred”. It’s possibly one of the most famous taglines in film history, and when you look at the legacy of the original it’s easy to understand why. John Sturges’ The Magnificent Seven (1960) was one of the first great cinematic throw-downs, the story of a ragtag band of gunslingers hired to defend a little Mexican village from bandits who vastly outnumbered them. Starring Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and Eli Wallach among others, it was ‘The Avengers’ of its time, and to this day its impact lingers at the movies with every climax featuring heroes battling against hoards of enemies.

2016’s The Magnificent Seven, directed by Antoine Fuqua, comes riding into a very different world from 1960. Try to make a film about trigger-happy Southerners taking on marauding Mexicans and you’ll quickly find yourself in Trumpsville. The spectacle that put the original on the map is now beyond oversaturated in cinema, and the kids have swapped their cowboy hats for capes. This isn’t so much a remake that’s got


5 Contemporary Piano Solos You Should Listen To

One of the wonderful things about music is its inherent ability to change our emotions from the core. A melody with a few minor chords and delicate piano keys definitely makes tears well-up in my eyes! Listening to classical piano music can be such a calming and enjoyable experience- obviously not for everyone. Then there’s contemporary piano melodies or what ...

Is Luke Cage The Hero We’ve Been Asking For?

Marvel fans around the globe have had a lot to shout about recently: a new Spider-Man joining the Avengers, Jon Berthnal finally doing the Punisher character some justice, but the news that got many excited was the potential for a Defenders TV series on Netflix in 2013. Since that date, we’ve had Charlie Cox boss it as Daredevil, a character ...

Potter, Pop Culture and the Property Ladder

The housing market is a fickle playing field. A Waitrose pops up somewhere, and pretty soon every house within a five-minute walk can slap a couple extra thousand onto the selling price, at least in the local estate agents’ books. On the flip side, news breaks of a local batch of troublemakers acting up and just watch the realtors sweat. ...

Kate Moss Finally Launches Her Own Talent Agency

It’s been some time in the works but the world’s most famous supermodel, Kate Moss, has finally given more details on the talent management company she’s set to launch. ‘Kate Moss Agency’ was officially unveiled within Business of Fashion‘s special edition October issue.

Visit the ‘Wild Cats’ at Paradise Park, Hertfordshire

Some of the most amazing animals live in the wild, mostly in countries that are no where near the United Kingdom. These include Tigers, Snow Leopards, Lion’s, Cheetah’s, Panda’s, Gorilla’s and Polar Bears. Paradise Wildlife Park provides a large range of these animals as well as only wild cats. It holds animals that everyone in the family will enjoy to ...

Relationships with Love: Simpler than we think!

“I like being around you,” he says daily. “I love being around you,”she says back. They spend most of their time just enjoying the peace and quiet of the relationship. The outside world still exists but when they are together nothing can bring them down. Smiling at each other while laughing at life is a favorite pass time. The electrifying touch ...

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