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Richard III gets reburial in Leicester

Hundreds of people are queuing to see the coffin of King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral.

Star Wars Secret Cinema outrage at ‘out of this world’ prices


The hugely popular secret cinema event has outraged fans again with a astronomical ticket price of £75 per person. This year’s chosen movie event, Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back is dubbed as “the most ambitious and dreamlike Secret Cinema experience the UK has ever seen”.

If you don’t know what secret cinema is then wonder no more. Described as a ‘live movie and theatrical experience’ the event encompasses its audience to dress up while they watch the chosen film in a specially constructed movie set. The location of the event varies every year and is kept a secret until the last minute.

Last year, fans were left on tenterhooks as the ‘Back to the future’ event was behind schedule. A 1950’s Hill Valley complete with 50’s costume however, cemented it as one of the best and most ambitious Secret cinema experiences yet.

Despite the anger at ticket prices considering tickets sell out within minutes is a testament to Secret cinema’s popularity.


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