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The early Home And Away youngsters nearly 10 years later

Find out what the youngsters of the Australian soup ‘Home And Away’ are doing now, almost 10 years later!   JACK HOLDEN On the 5th August 2005 Paul O’Brian showed his first appearance in the Australian soup ‘Home And Away’, located in Summer Bay as Jack Holden. Along with Jacks family comes Tony Holden his father and brother Lucas Holden ...

Jamie Oliver Hosts ‘Food Revolution’ Day With Celebrity Guests.

''Every child deserves the right food to thrive'' was Jamie Oliver's slogan as he held the 'Food Revolution' Day on Friday last after recently launching the campaign.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, MBE, has long been an advocate for embracing fresh food and a balanced, nourishing diet. Childhood obesity is on an ever increasing rise in the UK and Jamie believes education is key. Recently, he successfully lobbied to introduce a sugar tax on soft drinks. The tax will be introduced in 2018 as it was revealed in the Budget back in March and is believed to generate up to a staggering £1 billion per year.

International statistics listed below show the critical levels of obesity and hunger worldwide.

On Friday, an array of celebrities such as Kris Jenner, Cheryl, Charlotte Crosby and YouTuber pals along with other famous chefs and colleagues of Jamie's joined in an individual live discussion alongside the chef and created nutritious, simplistic dishes highlighting how easy it is to incorporate a healthy diet in


20 heavenly hideaways you’ve probably never heard of – Part 3

Benguerra Island, Mozambique The second largest island of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Benguerra is characterized by its towering sand dunes, inland lakes and idyllic beaches. It comprises an eclectic mix of forest, savannah and wetland ecosystems that allow it to sustain a diverse population of flora and fauna. A National Park since 1971, there are over 140 bird species that inhabit ...

Australia have opened the first ever hangover clinic

With the festive season almost upon us, the awful hangovers that we get after the night before’s fun and games are already taking their toll. It seems a shame that no one has thought of the quickest and easiest way to beat them. Or, have they? What if your hangover from Hell could be gone in just half an hour, ...

Controversial cartoon is published in the Australian

A cartoon in a national newspaper the Australian has been branded racist against Indians. The cartoon which is captioned ‘Aid à la mode’, by Bill Leak depicts  a caricatured, underweight Indian family trying to eat the glass from a box of solar panels. People have stated their disgust at the cartoon on social media which has been criticised for using  crude stereotyping which suggests India is not developed enough to ...

Head girl’s rogue leaving speech goes viral as she reveals the truth about her school

The head girl of one Sydney’s most elite private schools, Ravenswood School for Girls went rogue in her speech which criticises the institution. In her candid speech which was uploaded to the Youtube channel ‘Ravo Captain‘, Sarah Haynes, 18, calls out the $28,600 AUD-a-year Ravenswood School for Girls, Sydney for being too ‘financially motivated’ and focused on its image. ‘I don’t ...

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