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Elephant goes on rampage in Indian town

A video shows an elephant suddenly going wild in Kozhikode, India. It destroys a rickshaw and other vehicles during a festival. Priest P Santhosh who was riding the elephant manages to jump to safety onto an electric pole before the elephant runs away. Elephants are sacred animals in India. They are commonly  seen at religious festivals and ceremonies throughout the country.

Zoo allows guests in cages to feed lions, tigers and bears

Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing, China allows guests to get up and personal with lions, tigers and bears. Visitors are able to feed raw meat to the big cats, and apples to the bears from cages mounted on a truck. To lure the animal predators in fresh meat is tied to the vehicle containing the visitors. According to CCTV News, ...

Jakarta: Horrifying moment bomb goes off next to Star bucks captured on video

A number of videos captured the moment the Indonesian capital was attacked by terrorists with bomb blasts and gunfire against its citizens and police officers. Police said four of the attackers and three others were killed in the attacks. The police were warned weeks before that Islamic militants were planning something big. It is unclear if other perpetrators are still at large. The attack marks ...

Woman interrogates mouse by tying its hands and legs up to a bottle

A Chinese man and woman filmed a video of themselves torturing a tied up mouse after it was nibbling on the couple's bananas.

The strange clip thought to be from Chengdu, southwest China, shows them asking if it enjoyed eating bananas and whether it has any accomplices.

The original video has been watched more than 80,000 times since it was uploaded to the Chinese-language website, the People’s Daily Online reports.

Some commented that it was cruel while others said it was funny.

One user using the handle ‘111419632’ said the woman ‘doesn’t seem intelligent’ and added that there was ‘no necessity to film this and upload it online.’

‘Animals are living things too,’ they wrote.



Diners charged ‘air cleaning fee’ in China

In Eastern China, a restaurant have been caught charging customers a cheeky “air cleaning fee” on top of their food bills. The official Xinhua news agency have reported that diners at the restaurant in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province, were each charged one yuan ($0.15; 10p) to cover the cost of purifying the air inside. We know that cities in the ...

Controversial cartoon is published in the Australian

A cartoon in a national newspaper the Australian has been branded racist against Indians. The cartoon which is captioned ‘Aid à la mode’, by Bill Leak depicts  a caricatured, underweight Indian family trying to eat the glass from a box of solar panels. People have stated their disgust at the cartoon on social media which has been criticised for using  crude stereotyping which suggests India is not developed enough to ...

First commercial jetpack unveiled, available in stores in 2016

This video shows the Martin Jetpack flying in the sky of Shenzhen City, China. And it will be available to buy next year for 1.6 million Yuan (around £165,000).   KuangChi Science, a tech company in Hong Kong, is the biggest shareholder of the Martin Aircraft company, the manufacturer of the jetpack. A joint venture of KuangChi Science and Martin Aircraft signed three framework ...

Narendra Modi is turned into a meme after terrible photoshop job

The official Indian Government twitter account has been mocked online because of its crude photoshop job. The photo shows the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi as he looks out of a plane to survey flood damage. The image above shows the unaltered image, below what the official Indian government tweeted:   They quickly deleted the image, however it was too late as many ...

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