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Alexa Chung Launching Own Label

The time has come! Fashion icon, presenter and former model Alexa Chung is finally releasing her own long-awaited fashion label.

#StarringJohnCho vs. The Hollywood Agenda

2016 is rapidly becoming the year where Hollywood really can’t catch a break. Following the prominence of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, as well as the furore over the Zoe Saldana-starring Nina Simone biopic, fresh and concerted efforts are being made to address the similar underrepresentation of Asian-Americans on the big screen. Although the Twitter account has been up since April 28th, #StarringJohnCho officially went viral this week, photoshopping well-known Hollywood film posters to replace typically white leads with the Mr Sulu actor.

The movement’s website,, emphasises that “today, only 1% of lead roles go to Asians. But if studies show that films with diverse casts result in higher box office numbers…why doesn’t Hollywood cast lead actors to reflect this fact?”

The viral sensation comes amidst widespread scrutiny over Hollywood’s portrayal of those with Asian heritage, both historically and in today’s releases. ‘Ghost in the Shell’, an upcoming film based on the Japanese media franchise, ha


Paper thin waist challenge criticised as dangerous by health experts

A trend has taken over in China on social media platform Weibo where girls’ compare their waists to an A4 sheet of paper. The trend involves hiding your waist behind a A4 piece of paper, if its hidden you pass. Leading UK slimming guru, Sally Pinnegar, blasted the bizarre phenomena as “dangerous”. She said: “Girls should be embracing great health by eating ...

US student Otto Warmbier to 15 years hard labour in North Korea for stealing a poster

North Korea has sentenced an American student to 15 years hard labour for trying to steal a propaganda banner from his Pyongyang hotel. Otto Warmbier was convicted on charges of subversion. The move has showcased the secretive and unforgiving North Korean regime and futher deteriorated relations with Washington. According to CNN the student, admitted to the apparent crime. In a press conference in ...

Myanmar Elects New President

Myanmar has elected its first civilian president in over fifty years, following a parliamentary vote that saw the chosen candidate of Aung San Suu Kyi secure the necessary support to take office. Htin Kyaw, 69, was elected by the country’s parliament, winning 360 of the 752 votes available. The military candidate, Myint Swe, came second, which ensures he will become ...

Chinese soldiers smash CONCRETE with their heads

A video that is currently circulating on Chinese social media platform Weibo shows a group of Chinese soldiers breaking concrete blocks and porcelain bowls with their bare hands and heads. OUCH. And just when you thought you had seen it all..

Animals Asia ~ A Bear’s Best Friend

Moon bears (also known as the Asian Black Bear) are classified as vulnerable animals, and their saviours come in the form of Animals Asia. The charity was founded in 1998 to promote respect for all animals and is led by pioneer, Jill Robinson. They aim to put an end to bear bile farming, which takes place in china and Vietnam. They ...

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