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Newly Elected Juneau Mayor Found Dead

Stephen Fisk

Few details have been released about the death of Juneau, Alaska’s newly elected mayor Stephen Fisk, 70. Police did reveal that no forced entry was found into Fisk’s home.

Fisk’s body was discovered by his adult son, Ian on Monday who called 911 at around 3:30 p.m.

Elected in October, Fisk beat incumbent mayor Merrill Sandford easily and was sworn in Oct. 20.


News of Fisk’s death sparked social media rumors that the mayor had been killed in an assault. The Juneau police department indicated that the cause of Fisk’s death is still unknown. Police chief Bryce Johnson said, “We don’t know the cause of death. We’ll have to get the autopsy done.”

Johnson ruled out suicide and any connection to the mid-November double murder in Douglas.

President of the Downtown Business Association, Jill Ramiel said of Fisk, “I was really looking forward to living in a city that he was leading.”

Nearly 3,000 people voted for Fisk in the recent election. Bob King, Fisk’s campaign manager and neighbor spoke highly of Fisk. “For that potential to be snuffed out is just a crushing loss. I’m going to miss him horribly, and the community is too,” he said.

Mary Becker was named acting mayor of Juneau.

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