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New to Netflix – Home, Last Chance U, and Tallulah



From what I can gather from the first episode, and because I haven’t watched the 2015 film this was based on, it’s about a girl called Tip who wants a squid creature called Oh to move in with her and her family. It’s fine as a television show and I think the art-style of the show is actually better than the film (it’s got an Adventure Time vibe to it), but there were bits that were too saccharine for me. And I have a sweet tooth.

I’d give it a chance if you have kids.

Last Chance U


As a subject of the United Kingdom and admittedly one not the least interested in sports I have to say that this might as well be a documentary on an alien culture on some far away planet. They toss acronyms at you like you’re supposed to know them and frame it in a coming of age drama with that southern twang of the guitar. I have to though just say that the cinematography and the framing of the shots is excellent; though that excellence can be a detriment to the realness or authenticity of the piece.

I’d give it a watch if you’re a college football fan.



This is the pick of the week for me. It is about a young woman, a drifter played by Ellen Page, who kidnaps a toddler from her neglectful mother; and surprisingly it is also about the discovery of the anti-gravitational force. For how groundbreaking that is in the field of science and of physics especially I think that plot point was a little downplayed. On a serious note I highly recommend this movie, and although some things about it were a little cliché (especially the bits when they were lying down and talking about life like a stoner would), I found it really enjoyable. Ellen Page in particular really stole the show in terms of performances.

Give this one a watch.

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