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New to Netflix – David Cross Making America Great Again!

A disheveled, broken, bearded man shuffles on to the stage – greying at the sides with a baseball cap. David Cross pulls no punches with his comedy and with this one, as the title hammers in, this time it’s political. In case you’ve taken to the teachings of the ostrich and buried your head in the sand (I know they don’t actually do that and if you tried it this horrific year I wouldn’t blame you) there is an election this year. The candidates being apparently Obama 2.0 or one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse – and yes the contest is closer than is comfortable.

Gun Control, the NRA, the conservative right, and its current implosion: those are the subjects he focuses on in this hour and fifteen minutes. His comedy is dark,darker than a black hole (they aren’t actually; have you seen an Active Galactic Nuclei?) and he pulls no punches: pointing out the cognitive dissonance Trump supporters have to do to support him. That is: how can a billionaire who inherited his wealth from his father come off as a blue collar working guy you can have a beer with to his supporters? A guy who constantly boasts about his wealth and has his name eight foot high in gold behind him at all times?

His comedy isn’t to everyone’s tastes, as the footage of people walking out in his own show points out, and to be honest not every joke of his landed for me. However it is a good form of therapy: a reminder that not every one in the USA is condemned to insanity.

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