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New plane design to increase passenger capacity – but is it a seat too far?

Zodiac Aerospace, a French aircraft manufacturer has filed for a patent for a new type of jumbo jet aeroplane which would have the passengers sitting in the baggage hold.

The plane would be windowless for passengers and the lower deck would be converted into passenger seating with a capacity for 110 people.

Only 37% of cargo space is actually used at the moment according to Zodiac Aerospace.


Storage would therefore be alongside the sides of the plane in ‘cubbies’.


The design would also include vending machines built into the walls which would hand out meals. The walls themselves would actually be a gigantic video screen which displays an outside feed of the plane from the cameras  on the exterior (instead of windows).



Zodiac Aerospace says “The goal has been for the lower deck to function as more than storage of luggage or for installation of auxiliary equipment needed for operating the aircraft.

“For example, in some instances, the lower deck has been designed to host a lounge, sanitary facilities such as lavatories, related waiting areas, beds, and a galley that can deliver food up to the main deck cabin (in some instances, via an elevator in the galley area).”



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