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PM Tsipras is disassociating himself from the Syriza party's far-left wing (Image by Joanna; Flickr)

New ministers sworn in after Greek cabinet reshuffle

New Greek ministers were sworn in on Saturday in a cabinet reshuffle, as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ government replaced dissents of the bailout compromise with more like-minded individuals.

Three of the more radical ministers, including the outspoken Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, had been sacked on Friday after opposing the new deal. The reshuffle has seen a total of nine changes.

The ministers have been replaced by close allies of the Prime Minister and coalition partners more likely to support the bailout negotiations, which Athens is hoping to finalise in the upcoming weeks.


The government spokesperson, the deputy defence minister and deputy finance minister were also among the posts which saw new faces.

A total of 39 left-wing Syriza party members had opposed Tsipras compromise with creditors on increasing austerity measures.

According to Aristides Hatzis, associate professor of law and economics at Athens University, this move signals the end of Tsipras’ association with the radical left within the Syriza party.

The reshuffle has also heightened suspicion that a new election is likely to be held later this year.


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