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New drug that delays Alzheimer’s Disease is to be revealed

Despite all odds, a new drug that has claimed to slow the pace of Alzheimer’s Disease will allegedly be revealed this week at a major US conference, making it a monumental moment in medicine.

There are high hopes for the drug Solanezumab and its abilities to be able to slow or even halt the illness if it is given to patients early enough. Although three years ago a large scaled trail appeared to show it was ineffective, close analysis has suggested that there are benefits if taken at a very early stage of the disease. However, the US pharmaceutical company responsible, Eli Lilly, are keeping the full results quiet.

Dr Doug Brown, Alzheimer’s Society’s Head of Research has said: “These drugs are able to reduce the sticky plaques of amyloid that build up in the brain, and now we have seen the first hints that doing this early enough may slow disease progression.”


Analysis has proven that in 1,300 patients with mild dementia, those who had been given the drug showed an approximately 30% slower memory decline than those on the placebo during the 18 month medical trial.

Previous treatments and existing drugs only address the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and fail to address the causes. On the other hand, solanezumab tackles beta amyloid, the toxic protein that destroys the fundamental connections between cells in the brain.

With 225,000 people predicted to develop dementia in the UK alone this year, a rate of one every three minutes, the drug has been celebrated as highly successful even before its anticipated announcement.

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