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New Drama To Explore Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow’s Relationship

Entitled ‘The Ripper,’ a new film will be made exploring Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen’s tainted relationship. Separately, a biopic announced last January on Alexander McQueen’s life is in the works which may also shed light on the duo.

Credit: Desmond O’Neill Features via Vanity Fair

Credit: Desmond O’Neill Features via Vanity Fair

Before their death, it had been widely publicised how fragile the relationship between the pair had become before Isabella died and Alexander in years after. Alexander McQueen was a designer and Isabella Blow, a fashion editor from Gloucester, was his muse and good friend ever since she first discovered him at the Central Saint Martins MA graduation show in London, 1992, where he studied/trained. Afterwards, she purchased his entire £5000 collection ‘Jack the Ripper’ hence the new drama’s title. The Ripper will be produced by Maven Pictures.


Isabella was known as the one who discovered McQueen and subsequently sky-rocketed his fame through her professional guidance and publicity. Of course, Alexander had the innate talent to make his brand successful. After the McQueen label was bought by the Kering Group (formerly Gucci Group) in 2001, his and Isabella’s friendship grew thin. Daphne Guinness, a friend of the editor’s, said that Isabella had felt somewhat left behind and unappreciated, as if Alexander had forgotten her. “She was upset that Alexander McQueen didn’t take her along when he sold his brand to Gucci. Once the deals started happening, she fell by the wayside. Everybody else got contracts, and she got a free dress.” The collaborators fallout was turbulent and the media kept a close eye on them although it appeared they never fully mended their differences in the years following. Isabella Blow died by suicide in 2007 at the age of 48 with Alexander McQueen dying of the same cause in 2010 aged just 40.

Further details on who will play McQueen and Blow have yet to be released.



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