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Neo Nazi plotted to kill Prince Charles

Neo-Nazi Mark Colborne had planned to shoot Prince Charles with a sniper rifle in an attempt to get a red-headed Harry to the throne.

Colborne felt that he was discriminated against due to his ginger hair, and has been found guilty of plotting a terror attack.


The neo-Nazi had fantasised about using a sniper rifle to kill Prince Charles, he had hoped that the death would result in Prince Harry becoming king.

Comparing himself to far-right mass murderer Anders Breivik, 37-year-old Colborne was caught red handed after his brother found incriminating chemicals and documents – with detailed his racial hatred – in his bedroom at their family home in Southampton.

Earlier this year a jury failed to reach a verdict, but following a retrial (at the Old Bailey) Colborne has been found guilty, by a majority, of planning a terrorist act before his arrest. He was arrested on the June 3 last year.

Colborne possessed numerous handwritten notes which he’d sourced from texts such as The Terrorist Handbook, The Jolly Ranger Cookbook and The Complete Improvised Kitchen. The texts, which contained numerous detail on how to produce explosives, gave ample grounds for his conviction.

Jurors believed that Colborne owned guide books that detailed poisonous chemicals such as cyanide, one of the poisons was referred to as The Poor Man’s James Bond.

Although the jury agreed that Colborne had documentation on cyanide, they rejected the idea that he actually harboured cyanide, and didn’t believe some of the aspects of the allegations, including the allegation that he had stockpiled equipment compiled of screw top spray, face masks and syringes.

During in his trial the court heard that Colborne had felt both alienated and marginalised for being a white ginger male. He also suffered from depression and agoraphobia, a fear of open spaces.

In his notebook, Colborne wrote: “I don’t want to be a serial killer. I’m more of an Anders Breivik. I have left potential targets open… I was waiting for an opportunity to kill one of them. Let it be Prince Charles which would be good.”

Colborne believed that a “silent rifle” would make for the perfect weapon, writing : “Take up a good position and put a bullet in Charles’s head.

“He is protected but not too protected. I would sacrifice my life for that one shot. Kill Charles and William and Harry become king. Kill the tyrants.”

Referring to “non Aryans” as “blacks and Caucasian idiots”, the prosecution deemed Colborne’s notes to express a deep hatred. Colborne admitted to writing the hateful notes but dismissed them as “angry rants”, he also admitted that he had purchased chemicals.

Colborne explained: “Fantasies about killing people as a hitman – that was my number one fantasy. Terrorism fantasies were sort of subsidiary but my main interest in being a professional hitman had taken over.”

The sentencing has been adjourned and will recommence on Tuesday, November 3.

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