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Becky Watts, Nathan Matthews
Nathan Matthews strangled Becky Watts in what he describes as an attempt to "scare her". Image courtesy of

Nathan Matthews ‘strangled’ Becky Watts ‘in attempt to scare her’

Accused of murder, Nathan Matthews has told police that he strangled his 16-year-old step-sister Becky Watts in an attempt “to scare her and teach her a lesson”.

Nathan Matthews along with his girlfriend Shauna Hoare,21, are now accused of murder, following the failed kidnap attempt. The prosecution are describing the attack as sexually motivated.

The two allegedly dismembered the Bristol schoolgirl’s body before hiding her remains in a shed nearby.


A jury has now been read a written statement that Matthews made on the 2nd March, the day that he admitted to killing Becky.

Prior to the statement being read, the jury had heard that Matthews asked “Do I actually have to listen to it or can I put my fingers in my ears?”

In the statement he said that he’d drove to her home on the 19th February with a large bag, handcuffs, a stun device, a mask and tape. He claimed “I had developed an idea to scare Rebecca by kidnapping her.

“I wanted to kidnap her to scare her and teach her a lesson. I believe that she was selfish and her behaviour towards my mother was a risk to her health.”

According to Matthews, he waited for his girlfriend to go outside before proceeding to enter Becky’s bedroom, where he attempted to subdue her using the tools he’d brought from his car.

The 28-year-old continued, saying “During a short struggle my mask slipped and Rebecca was able to see my face.

“That caused me to panic and I strangled her while she was partially in the bag.

“I collected the items I had used, put them and Rebecca into the bag and zipped up the bag.

“I also took her phone, tablet and laptop together with shoes, some clothes and a duvet cover from the spare room in a separate bag.

“I took everything downstairs and put it into the boot of my car.”

The court listened as they were told that Matthews drove his step-sisters body back to his home in Cotton Mill Lane, and spent the following days dismembering her corpse in preparation to hide her remains in a nearby shed.

Speaking of his girlfriend, he said that she had no idea of his plans, and that if she had known, she would have reported him to the police.

Talking about his denials prior to the admission he said that they “were motivated in part by a wish to avoid the pain and disappointment these admissions would cause to my partner and family.”

Matthews, who in the past had described himself as “emotionally unstable, psychologically disturbed, metro-sexual, Neanderthal”, told the police – days after his confession – that he’d planned to kidnap Becky in an attempt “to make her more appreciative of life, to be more appreciative of other people”.

He alleged that the idea had initially been to scare her, and that it had not been his intention to harm her. One of his plans comprised of him putting her in a bag, taking her to a wooded area and telling her “You’ve got to start treating people better and not be a bitch”. He said that after he’d told her off he would have just walked away.

The prosecution have argued that the idea that Matthews girlfriend, Shauna Hoare, was in “blissful ignorance” of Becky Watts’ killing is a “ridiculous concept.”

Although Matthews has admitted to killing Becky, he has denied murdering or conspiring to kidnap her, merely taking responsibility for the lesser crimes of perverting the course of justice, possessing a prohibited weapon and preventing the burial of a corpse.

Hoare has denied murder aswell as conspiracy to kidnap, perverting the course of justice, possessing a prohibited weapon and preventing the burial of a corpse.

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