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My Chemical Romance are re-releasing an album!

Every emo kid of the 2000’s will be screaming in unison right now! My Chemical Romance have teased that they are re-releasing their album ‘The Black Parade’, after a 3 year gap from their original disbandment. The news was announced via a video which was released on Twitter last night, which created a storm and went viral.

As well as Twitter, the video was also uploaded onto the group’s Facebook and YouTube pages, with the title ‘MCRX’. The video’s backing track was an a piano recording of their notable song ‘Welcome to the Black Parade.’  At the end of the video, the date of 23rd September 2016 is featured, which suggests that the big release will be happening on this day!

This comes after a 3 year break up gap, with their last song to date being ‘Fake Your Death’ from their greatest hits album ‘May Death Never Stop You.’ They are most known for being one of the most influential emo bands at the time, with their release of songs such as ‘Teenagers’, ‘I’m Not Okay (I Promise)’ and ‘Helena’.

My Chemical Romance/ Official Promo via hitthefloor.com

My Chemical Romance/ Official Promo via hitthefloor.com


Yesterday, it was revealed by the band that they were not reforming and they are only releasing a reissue of their previous album in mark of the 10 year anniversary of the album’s release back in 2006. They confirmed this on their social media pages, including Twitter;


Even though there is no reunion as of yet, I am personally really excited about this rerelease and cannot wait to see what the future brings with this amazing band. A possible regroup could happen in a year or two? Who knows what will happen?!

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