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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – Review

In 2002 My Big Fat Greek Wedding burst onto the scene, cinema box offices could be heard whooping “Opa!” as the film’s success rapidly spread.

It’s taken 14 years, but the sequel has arrived and it’s even funnier than the first one, there is even more madcap behaviour from the extra-large family and the original cast are back in their entirety. I feel that this latter point was vital to the success of the sequel as there are so many well-loved characters that went a long way towards making the first film a hit.


This time, Ian (John Corbett) and Toula (Nia Vardalos) are contending with the imminent departure of their only daughter, Paris (Elena Kampouris), who is choosing a college to attend and seems intent on moving away from home. Toula has become a clingy mother and has started to show traits of her father, Gus (Michael Constantine), especially when she cries “why you want to leave me?”. Poor Paris has to endure the embarrassment of the whole family turning up at the open day for college selection (complete with her great grandmother who makes her appearance sitting underneath a table with a Tupperware box full of Spina Copita!).

Gus is on a mission to find Paris a Greek boyfriend, while tracing his family tree on the computer with help from his despairing family. The object of his dalliance with technology? To prove that he is related to Alexander the Great! However, the work that he puts in to the family tree project unearths a horrifying secret, he and Maria are not really married, their marriage certificate was never signed. To add insult to this injury, Maria is not sure if marriage is for her, now – not after 50 years. In fact, she wants a proper proposal if she and Gus are to get married again.

Meanwhile, Toula and Ian have forgotten to be anything but parents and don’t know how to escape the rut, enter Aunt Voula (played by the incomparable Andrea Martin) to offer opinion on spicing up their marriage. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her boudoir secrets and at times provides hilarious insights into her relationship with Uncle Taki (Gerry Mendicino). With Aunt Voula and Mana-Yiayia’s (Bess Meisler) antics, there wasn’t a dry eye in the cinema, it was pure comedy gold.

There are some tender moments, too when Aunt Voula and Uncle Taki’s son, Angelo (Joey Fatone) reveals his reason for not having chosen a wife, and his parents welcome his partner with as much vigour as they do anyone else.

I predict that this will be one of the must-see films of 2016, with so much going in its favour and it is a film of pure escapism for all the family to enjoy. You don’t need to have seen the first film to pick up on the plot, but you might like to see it, anyway, because both films put a huge smile on my face.

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