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‘Lemonade’ – the low-down on Beyoncés new album.

Queen B is BACK! That’s Beyoncé, the artist, to the unenlightened public. Beyoncé’s fan club aka her Beyhive, were out in force as the star released her latest album with 12 spectacular tracks.




Uber driver fired after being verbally abused by wealthy Michigan student

A wealthy University of Michigan student whose verbal attack on an Uber driver  has gone viral. The driver, Artur Zawada has been fired after he was accused of being anti-semitic. Jake Croman, son of New York real estate developer Steven Croman, verbally taunted Uber driver Artur Zawada after he refused to drive them anymore. Mr Zawada filmed and uploaded a video of the incident ...

Terrifying footage shows panic inside Brussels airport after explosion

First hand footage shows the situation in Brussels Airport after a bomb went off. People can be seen evacuating or taking cover, cowering. Luggage and trolleys are seen abandoned across the floor. A mother and child can be seen huddling together, and a police woman is seen telling people to get away, while appearing ready to un-holster her gun.  

This REAL TIME face capture technology is a little scary

A team from Stanford, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg has produced a video demonstrating how its software, called Face2Face works. By simply using a webcam the actor can act out in real time with the output being a real life celebrity. But the output isn’t a 3D CGI model face its real time, live action. ...

This baboon is blown away by a magic trick

This baboon was filmed watching a card trick through glass and her expression is priceless. The magician uses slight of hand, making the card disappear before the baboon’s very eyes. The primate drops her mouth in disbelief.  


Woman vanishes during live TV broadcast

This video has left the internet scratching their heads. Filmed on Norwegian television network TV2 during a live interview for a sports center, viewers were distracted when in the background a woman vanishes. Two women are seen in the background as the man is being interviewed. As the first woman walks by with her luggage trolley, the second woman, stood slightly behind ...

SUV driver trying to over take car gets dose of karma

A driver trying to dangerously overtake a car ends up crashing into the mud and its all captured on video. The video, which lasts for a minute was filmed by a semi truck driver on a motorway in the USA. 15 seconds in two cars, a hatch-back sedan and an SUV, drive by. The sedan drives along but the SUV continues ...

Police release video of moped shooting in London

The Metropolitan police have released CCTV footage of a shooting in south London in the hope of finding the gunman, who sped away on a moped after shooting a 20-year-old man.e was injured. The victim was shot in the thigh, walking along Tulse Hill with two friends. Two shots were fired. The shooting happened before 7pm on 7 February in Brixton. ...

Chinese soldiers smash CONCRETE with their heads

A video that is currently circulating on Chinese social media platform Weibo shows a group of Chinese soldiers breaking concrete blocks and porcelain bowls with their bare hands and heads. OUCH. And just when you thought you had seen it all..

You might want to put down that Big Mac after seeing this..

In the latest video by Tito4re the YouTube user pours molten copper on top of a McDonald’s Big Mac. Here is what happened: Copper melts at 1085 degrees Celcius but when poured on a Big Mac, it does nothing. The bun stays charred and black, but the rest of the burger is completely unscathed. Inside, the beef patty still looks untouched, as do the pieces ...

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