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Battle of Britain Day – 15th September

By 1940 Germany had taken over most of Europe, Britain was the only country in Europe Hitler had left to concur. Britain had turned down several surrendering offers from Hitler, so he decided to push the situation by forming what was to become known as ‘The Battle of Britain’. After France surrendered to Germany, it was Hitlers opportunity to fight for ...

Facebook Live Streaming and Marketing Your Future

I have to say, Facebook Live Streaming passed me by until recently, when suddenly I noticed people were going live or had been live. What I liked about it was the fact that viewers were also able to comment live, so if you want to, you can respond directly to them, plus it also showed you how many people were ...

Apple Event 2016: Everything You Need To Know

Apple’s September keynote is always an exciting one for industry folk and technology enthusiasts alike. This year’s much anticipated Apple Event brought a few not-so-shocking updates to the new iPhone 7 and iOS10 plus a new Apple Watch was announced with all the latest in specs. The rumoured omission of the headphone port was easily the most debated topic in the run ...

DUNKIRK – how the beach has changed since 1945

The French beach 'Dunkirk' is right next to Calais. In 1945 It was a target the Germans used to take over England during WW2 and to get to England the Germans had to push their way through Paris.

One the Germans reached the beach it was bombed for months as wel as German soldiers attaching the British, American and Canadian soldiers. The attack left 11,000 soldiers dead and 40,000 captured on this beach which was twenty miles and travelled through into Belgium from France.

When the attack was over and the Germans surrendered the beach looked totally ruined and was a place covered with nothing but smoke and bodies. 

An evacuation began at Dunkirk. The royal navy came to rescue the troops along with every small boat that could be found from locals. 338,226 soldiers were evacuated over the period of Eight days.

English, American and Canadian troops were on Five beaches to fight against the Germans, these beaches included Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword Beach. The evacuation was decided before the entire army was perished.


Up In Arms: Gun Culture In The USA

Little over a month has passed since the shocking attack at an Orlando Nightclub in Florida, that we are now reporting another nightclub shooting in the city of Fort Meyers, also in Florida. 49 victims lost their lives in Orlando, making it the worst mass shooting in US history. So far only 2 people have been confirmed dead in Fort ...

The seven best sights to see in London

There are so many things to do and see in the amazing City of London. Unfortunately as the list would be endless we can’t name them all, but we can however provide you with a list of seven of the best sights to see when you find yourself in the capital! ZSL LONDON ZOO ZSL London zoo is located just ...

Pokémon Go- Helping Us To Catch Them All

Who else remembers their mum telling them off on a nice day for playing games inside? Well Nintendo and Niantic Labs have taken gaming and virtual reality to the next level. For Nintendo, not only have they seen their stock shares rise, but broken the gaming world. No longer will gamers have to wear headsets to enjoy virtual reality: instead, ...

Jamie Oliver Hosts ‘Food Revolution’ Day With Celebrity Guests.

”Every child deserves the right food to thrive” was Jamie Oliver’s slogan as he held the ‘Food Revolution‘ Day on Friday last after recently launching the campaign. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, MBE, has long been an advocate for embracing fresh food and a balanced, nourishing diet. Childhood obesity is on an ever increasing rise in the UK and Jamie believes education ...

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