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More Missing Hancocks – BBC Reconsider

In January 2016 it was announced that The Missing Hancocks were not going to run to a third series after the BBC’s decision to axe it. With lost episodes still to record and an army of fans begging the BBC to reconsider, the decision has been revoked and a third series is being commissioned.

Actor, Neil Pearson discovered the scripts for Hancock’s Half Hour which had been lost from the BBC’s archives. There were 20 episodes in total that went missing, from among the 103 episodes written by recent BAFTA honoraries, Galton and Simpson.

Hancocks 2

Missing Hancocks Will Return Pictured: Robin Sebastian and Kevin McNally. Credit: BBC

in the remakes to date, star of Pirates of the Caribbean, Kevin McNally plays the lad himself, Hancock, while Robin Sebastian bears an uncanny resemblance to Kenneth Williams. They are joined by Susy Kane, Kevin Eldon and Simon Greenall. The casting of the series has been spot on so far, and I can speak personally, having watched two of the episodes being recorded at the BBC.

Hancock is a hero of Kevin McNally’s, and there is no better actor to play the role, this may be a radio role, but trust me when I say that his mannerisms are as extraordinary as his vocal mimicry. I am delighted that he will have the opportunity of performing in more of the comedy gold episodes that remain.

Well done to the BBC for realising what they had and holding onto it. Whoever we have to thank for the decision, all I can say is he’s rights you know….





Featured Image credit: BBC

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