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More Boredom Than Wonder – ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ Review

No doubt that watching Tim Burton’s ‘Alice In Wonderland’ in 3D is an awesome experience, but that doesn’t guarantee a successful sequel. For this time, they wanted to keep it all. And it was so important that nothing is missing: characters, colours, visuals, points of view…they’re all in this new sequel ‘Alice Though The Looking Glass’. However, this effort in maintaining everything has made the sequel become kind of a copy of the prequel…with a completely different plot.

‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ gives the feeling of watching the same that we saw in the prequel due to its inability to create something new, something beyond those ideas that were played with. And that was going to be really hard, because ‘Alice In Wonderland’ wasn’t morish. Burton had been already stuck in that time…and it’s too sad to see that his cinema is still in that block, and not even the presence of Johnny Depp and his outlandish Mad Hatter saves it. Well, this time, the Mad Hatter will be the one who has to be saved.

Source: www.entertainmentfuse.com

Source: www.entertainmentfuse.com

On this occasion, Alice (Mia Wasikowska) goes back to Wonderland again to save the Mad Hatter from a strange depression that is affecting him more and more, and the only way a cure can be found is by going back in time. A lot of the plot is pretty is predictable; as it strictly follows all the aspects of the prequel. It’s such a pity that no one wanted to deepen the bond between Alice and the Mad Hatter. However, that’s compensated with the new vision of the relationship between the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) and the White Queen (Anne Hathaway). Going back in time allows us to see another side of the Red Queen.

Source: screenrant.com

Source: screenrant.com

The presence of Sacha Baron Cohen playing Time, a godlike humanoid creature is a great character. For once, Cohen has managed to hide his usual coarse streak and play a funny character that fits him very well in this story.

Source: www.flickeringmyth.com

Source: www.flickeringmyth.com

And of course, if there’s something that has to be remarkable is the feminism that Alice demonstrates. Another factor that is not new, and no one has taken a little bit of time to develop again, but it’s still gratifying. Mia Wasikowska has passed the test by showing that unwillingness of becoming what others would like her to be. Making decisions and standing up to all challenges is brave and courageous of her, but again, this is not new; it’s following both ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and Disney’s current pattern. However, it’s good to see that the feminism that it contains will end up passing on others!

And because of that, this film is not going to pass. It’s a wasted chance to see a little bit more of Alice and Wonderland. Was there something else to tell? Not in this occasion. There’s nothing worse than going to the cinema and watching something that was previously seen. It’s frustrating, and Alice did not deserve this.


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