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Missile Test Spooks Californians

A mysterious bright light seen over the horizon in California has spooked local residents, but was quickly confirmed to be a test missile launched by the US military.

The bright light was spotted over Orange County late on Saturday night, and footage of the phenomenon shows a flare rising into the sky and a blue cone shaped light emerging. Some videos track the light moving across the sky for up to two minutes.


It has been reported that the local police force received countless calls ‘reporting everything from a flare to a comet to a bomb’.

Local newspaper the San Diego Union-Tribune also reported that the light had been sighted as far away as Nevada and Arizona.

Celebrities such as Josh Groban and Lena Dunham also posted on social media referencing their sighting of the mysterious bright light, with Dunham posting a video on her Instagram and joking ‘was I  abducted?’.

The Orange County sheriff was quick to attest the light to a naval test fire made just off the California coastline.

The media in California also confirmed this, dispelling UFO rumours, stating that the light came from an unarmed missile test fired from the USS submarine Kentucky.

On Friday, the Federal Aviation Authority had stated that night-time flights to Los Angeles’ LAX airport would be diverted to avoid flying over area of the Pacific Ocean bordering California. However, they did not disclose the reason for this specifically, other than alluding to military activity taking place in the region.

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