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Migrants Take Advantage Of Ferry Strike

At the French Port of Calais, migrants wait desperately to board vehicles going into the UK. Large numbers of migrants attempt to enter cars and lorries near Calais amid strike action by ferry workers.

400 ferry workers strike due to the fear of unemployment as part of a restructure at the busy French port.

Consequently queues are running through the A16, which leads onto the Channel tunnel. On motorways, walking migrants are seen looking for opportunities to jump into vehicles heading to Port in Dover.


British truck drivers are facing violence, intimidation and threats of being fined if migrants are found on aboard.


Source: sky news

The disruption from the strike action has caused riots where French police are forced to use tear gas in act of restraining large sums of migrants desperately trying to board lorries heading to Dover.

A French police source claims the situation as “extremely tense” as migrants are seen going to desperate lengths piling tires high on the motorway blocking access to the travel link, creating traffic jams “stretching along slips, roads and back on the motorway. It is fraught and dangerous.”


Source: sky news

Eurostar have temporarily stopped their service. Therefore today will be difficult to travel across the English Channel via train or ferry. The Foreign Office has warned people to lock all doors and windows in their vehicles when unattended or in stationary traffic.

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