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Michelle Gomez: From Green Wing to Gallifrey

Actress Michelle Gomez has come a long way since her role in Channel Four’s The Book Group where she brilliantly portrayed the part of Janice McCann. A talent for comedy was clear from the off and her role in Green Wing came as no surprise. Another Channel Four comedy where she played Sue White, Hospital Staff Liaison Officer who couldn’t be more in the wrong job if she tried, was devious and displaying madcap and wildly inappropriate behaviour. Gomez was a perfect casting in the part and demonstrated yet more of her astonishing ability for comedy acting. She was a superb addition to the cast of Carrie and Barry, a BBC One comedy starring Home Fires’ Claire Rushbrook and Men Behaving Badly’s Neil Morrissey. Playing the role of dippy friend, Michelle, I personally felt that she stole every scene.

She later moved her talent to the stage to star in Boeing Boeing at the Comedy Theatre in London, I can vouch for Ms Gomez’s ability to tread the boards, she should do more of it!

Another memorable performance occurred when she was cast in The Wedding Video, which was a 2012 British film where Michelle played a completely unbalanced Wedding Planner. It certainly seemed that Gomez was building a reputation for herself as a fantastically reliable comedy actress. If her name was featured on a cast list, it almost guaranteed that the show was going to be good.

Then came Doctor Who and an opportunity to shine in a vastly different genre. Having initially made a few appearances in the programme, first as Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere and then a few cameo appearances, but the female incarnation of the Master was nigh and along came Missy. Gomez has found another niche as the Doctor’s arch nemesis and her chilling portrayal of pure evil is both scary and genius at the same time. A Supporting Actress nomination from BAFTA came her way this year thanks to Missy. I predict that this talented lady’s career is set to sore higher still – with or without the tardis!



















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