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Meanwhile In Japan… Pop Star Wins Right To Have A Boyfriend!

A 23-year-old female singer in Japan was sued for damages by her management company after having a relationship with a fan and breaking the “No dating” rule clause in her contract. The company were seeking 9.9million Yen.

The singer who cannot be named for legal reasons signed a contact with the agency in 2012 which did in fact include a clause which stated “if performers are found to be dating a fan, they will be sued for damages.”

On Monday however, the case was thrown out, paving the way for female performers in Japan to have more “power” in the county’s notoriously strict industry.

According to NHK, the judge said “We have to admit that forbidding pop idols to date by claiming compensation for damage goes too far,”

“The enrichment of one’s life that comes from association with the opposite sex is covered under the right of self-determination.

“Association with the opposite sex is part of the pursuit of happiness. Even taking into account the unique circumstances of being an idol, prohibiting such associations is going too far.”

“The stars of the Japanese pop scene are no strangers to extreme demands by their management team in regards to their behavior, and “No dating clauses” are quite the norm.

Apparently the no dating clause is that the pop stars must stay single in order as to not shatter the hopes and dreams of fans that they may one day get to be with their favourite pop stars!

This news reminds us all of another incident last year in which a 17-year-old singer from pop group AKB48 shocked the world when she uploaded a tearful video apology for violating the band’s no dating policy.

She had spent the night with her boyfriend and was subsequently ordered to pay a fine of 650,000 Yen. What was most shocking being the fact that she shaved her head during the video.

See the shocking video below!

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